Business Coaching for Real Estate Brokers

Do you want more referrals from your past clients and sphere?

Do you want to make a great living selling Real Estate?

Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA

The Real Estate Coach

I Help Real Estate Brokers Earn More Money

The key to making a great living in Residential Real Estate is through a steady stream of referrals. A proven way to accomplish this is to focus on staying connected to past clients and sphere.

As a Real Estate Coach and Columnist, I help my clients discover their most effective way for creating a steady stream of referrals. I then help brokers stay focused and accountable for creating these referrals.

If you are feeling stuck and not satisfied with the income created by your Real Estate business, you owe it to yourself, and your family, to do something about it. Get in touch today and let's start turning it around!



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