Get Out Of Your Own Way!

Guys Showing Up

Emotional Intelligence For Men

My partner is unhappy with me...

…and I don’t know what to do about it.

I try to be perfect and avoid mistakes...

…which makes my life difficult and annoys people.

I get defensive when my partner criticizes me...

…and give reasons why they are wrong which usually results in an argument

Business & Real Estate

Running Your Business
Like A Business

I don't have a written plan...

…so my marketing activities are inconsistent and I am not making enough money

I am not accountable to anyone...

…so important things don’t get accomplished and I stay stuck or overwhelmed

I have a hard time staying focused...

…and am easily distracted so important work doesn’t get done.

Personal Growth

Living Life On Your Terms

I'm unhappy and so is my partner...

…because I spend too much time at work and not enough time at home.

I frequently compare myself to others...

…as a result I feel inadequate and withdrawn

I don't keep promises with myself...

… that I will take better care of myself (exercise, diet, sleep)

Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA

Stuart is an experienced life & business coach who helps:

  • Men who want healthier more rewarding relationships
  • Business owners and managers who want to become better delegators and time managers
  • Real Estate professionals who want to stay better connected with their past clients and sphere
  • People who want to make an important change in their life or business


“I would have to say that if I were to put my finger on the most important and… Read more “Help me set meaningful goals”

Kent S
Real Estate Broker

“I would like to thank you for helping me to change my business from just okay, to exactly… Read more “Exactly where I want to be”

Debi F.
Residential & Investment Specialist

“Stuart helped me to stay focused on the critical tasks for building my business, maintain discipline through my… Read more “He has a deft touch…”

Matthew Siegel
Financial Planner

“I started with Stuart Kaufman one year after I started my real estate career. I chose to do… Read more “He helped put my business in gear!”

Casey Willoughby
Real Estate Broker

I recently worked with Stuart Kaufman as a business coach.  I gained a lot from my time with… Read more “I ask myself, “What would Stuart say?””

Fritz Nichols

I would like to recommend Stuart Kaufman as a business and life coach. Stuart helped me develop the… Read more “Gaining Clarity About Life Choices and Direction”

Senior Sales Executive

I am consistently impressed with Stuart’s ongoing passion for our individual success. He really cares about seeing us… Read more “Cares About Seeing Us Succeed”

Marco and Loren Kronen
Windermere Real Estate

When I met Stuart I was in a state of overwhelm, as a single, working parent I found… Read more “Stuart helped me clarify my goals”

Carrie Simmons
Coldwell Banker Bain

“Stuart helped me to realize my goals in 2004. Then, he encouraged me to reach higher! With one… Read more “Encouraged me to reach higher!”

Michele L.
Residential Sales Specialist

“Working with Stuart was very valuable to me because it helped unlock my true potential and made my… Read more “Helped unlock my true potential”

Cathy B
Real Estate Agent

My husband and I worked with Stuart for several months. We found him to be very focused and… Read more “Stuart Helped Us Communicate”

Tracy K

“Stuart helped me sort through the mush and get right down to brass tacks.He has an easy going… Read more “It has been a valuable experience”

Larry O.
Project Manager

“Let me just start off by saying that my coach and the SuccessTracs coaching program have made a… Read more “Thank you Stuart for being a great coach!”

Mike K.
Career Seeker

Stuart is an experienced, compassionate and competent coach for both life and business topics. Working with him has… Read more “Wholeheartedly Recommend …”

Lauren Mikov
The Social Stage

“Thank you, Stuart, for helping us get motivated and focused. Stuart helped us set short and long term… Read more “Helped Us Get Motivated and Focused”

Tiago Araujo
Suprema Cleaning

I would like to thank you for helping me choose the appropriate company to transfer to. When I… Read more “You helped me focus on what was important…”

Mendel Kornfeld

“I am a clinical psychologist who has worked with Stuart for several years. During this time, Stuart has… Read more “My finances have improved significantly…”

Corey B., Ph D
Clinical Psychologist

“I found working with Stuart helpful to clarify what I really wanted. He thoughtfully helped me determine the… Read more “Creatively Deal with Barriers …”

Celeste E.
Hospital Services Manager

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding job you have done in coaching… Read more “…extraordinarily good results”

Steve F.
Stock Trader

“Stuart has been fantastic at helping me set realistic goals and in exploring areas of difficulty that kept… Read more “Stuart has been fantastic”

Charles H.
Real Estate Agent

“Since I began my coaching sessions with Stuart, I’ve been consistently moving forward. More importantly, I’m moving towards… Read more “Stuart really helps me stay focused”

Bill R.
Marketing Director, Musician, Real Estate Investor

“When Stuart was first recommended to me, the idea of ‘coaching’ was a foreign concept. I assumed that… Read more “I am more comfortable being me…”

Michael P.
IT Programmer

“Thank you so much for this last year of coaching. Thanks to you I now have the job… Read more “I kept at it thanks to you”

Stuart B.
Nonprofit Executive

“Thank you, Stuart, for your coaching services over the past several months. With your help, I’ve been able… Read more “I have gotten back on course”

Jeff Parker
Managing Broker

“I am very satisfied and thankful for the experience of working with Stuart in this capacity. I grew… Read more “He supported me”

Rick B.
Hospital Manager

“Dear Stuart: We have not touched base for a while, and I wanted to share my good news… Read more “You really helped me over the hump”

Brenda G.

“I met Stuart in 2004 and scheduled a visit aiming to improve how I run my practice. In a… Read more “…my attitude and confidence is renewed”

Christopher A.
Financial Advisor

“Stuart is smart, thoughtful, engaging and fun to work with. He gave my battery dead job search a… Read more “I highly recommend Stuart’s services…”

Phil McCoy
Creative Director

“I wanted to say that my work with Stuart has opened my flood gates. Just asking a few… Read more “Stuart has opened my flood gates”

Alan Y.
Medical Office Manager

“When I accepted the position as Broker of the Windermere office I was unable to keep up with… Read more “I am now back on track”

Debra S
Real Estate Broker

“I worked with Stuart for one year. In that time he provided me with a multitude of growth… Read more “An Excellent Value”

Chuck Sparks

“I appreciate the help you have given me in my efforts to improve my business as a Realtor.… Read more “The sessions were well planned”

Ralph C.
Real Estate Agent

“Working with Stuart provided me with a third party perspective of my business and the effectiveness of my… Read more “Had a Direct Impact …”

Kevin B.
Real Estate Broker

“Thanks for the opportunity to have you coach me. Your questions helped direct me to new realizations and… Read more “Your questions helped direct me”

Real Estate Broker

“Stuart’s style is effective because he encourages self-examination and self-discovery as tools. He offers perspective, but allows you… Read more “He is like a talking mirror”

Darrel S
Real Estate Broker

“Just a little note to you to say thanks for your support and guidance these past six months.… Read more “I value you as my mentor”

Warren M.
Business Owner

“Stuart’s guidance and insight really helped me determine my priorities and create an action plan for success. He… Read more “His approach is thoughtful…”

Alex S.
Professional Musician

“Having someone from the outside look at your situation is fantastic.  Stuart is able to objectively provide you with… Read more “Learning and Growth Style of Coaching…”

Tonya E.
Administrative Manager

“Stuart does an amazing job. He connects easily and helps you focus on the correct activities. Tom Landry… Read more “Stuart does an amazing job”

Pat Grimm

Stuart is knowledgeable and effective in his role as a coach. When he promises to help people “get… Read more “Stuart is Easy to Talk to”

Lauri Webb

“Stuart Kaufman was there for me, my business, and my life when I really needed him. Willing to… Read more “Willing to Hold Me Accountable”

Casey Muldoon
Real Estate Broker

“I have worked with Stuart Kaufman for the last year and a half. I started working with Stuart… Read more “My life feels full and abundant”

Rhonda Morton
Real Estate Agent

“Stuart has been instrumental in the forward progress of my business. We’ve worked together on developing my goals,… Read more “Stuart has been instrumental…”

Jory K.
Small Business Owner 

Stuart is an amazing coach. Most importantly, he’s a neutral advisor who provides frank and honest advice and… Read more “Keeps me on Track”

Dulcie Patner
Umpqua Bank

I recommend Stuart Kaufman to business owners who are looking to develop their management, leadership and delegation skills.… Read more “Stuart helped me develop my delegation and leadership skills”

Scot Eckley
Business Owner

Coaching with Stuart is a game changer. As an independent business owner, I went from feeling alone to… Read more “Coaching with Stuart is a Game Changer”

Amber B
Real Estate Broker

“Thank you for being such a good PROVOCATIVE LISTENER. You asked me just the right questions at just… Read more “…an adventure in self-discovery”

Lorraine G
E-Commerce Consultant and Webmaster

“I want to thank you for having taken on the coaching of my entire staff. Your instruction (and… Read more “Seen a Significant Increase…”

George S.
Real Estate Broker

“I recently had the good fortune to use Stuart’s services which immediately paid for itself. Not only did… Read more “Developed a Meaningful Action Plan”

Ralph K.
Project Manager and Author

“Stuart’s business coaching has helped me to focus on my goals and priorities and most importantly to take… Read more “The results are rewarding”

Janet H.
Managing Broker


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