Get Out Of Your Own Way!

Guys Showing Up

Emotional Intelligence For Men

My partner is unhappy with me...

…and I don’t know what to do about it.

I try to be perfect and avoid mistakes...

…which makes my life difficult and annoys people.

I get defensive when my partner criticizes me...

…and give reasons why they are wrong which usually results in an argument

Business & Real Estate

Running Your Business
Like A Business

I don't have a written plan...

…so my marketing activities are inconsistent and I am not making enough money

I am not accountable to anyone...

…so important things don’t get accomplished and I stay stuck or overwhelmed

I have a hard time staying focused...

…and am easily distracted so important work doesn’t get done.

Personal Growth

Living Life On Your Terms

I'm unhappy and so is my partner...

…because I spend too much time at work and not enough time at home.

I frequently compare myself to others...

…as a result I feel inadequate and withdrawn

I don't keep promises with myself...

… that I will take better care of myself (exercise, diet, sleep)

Stuart Kaufman, MS, MBA

Stuart is an experienced life & business coach who helps:

  • Men who want healthier more rewarding relationships
  • Business owners and managers who want to become better delegators and time managers
  • Real Estate professionals who want to stay better connected with their past clients and sphere
  • People who want to make an important change in their life or business



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