Get Out of Your Own Way so that you run your business like a business.

Planning for Success takes effort and time.

Each day, do you focus on your most important work? Or, do you get distracted and work on less important things that don’t contribute much to the growth of your business? How disciplined are you when it comes to “working on” your business? “Working On” your businesses includes planning, marketing, reviewing finances, and implementing systems.

Usually the most important work involves lead generation and prospecting for new clients. The amount of time you spend on these critical activities will be proportional to the growth of your business. How many hours a day or week do you spend on prospecting and lead generation?

Most businesses spend very little time planning and then wonder why they aren’t more successful.

– How do you plan and utilize your time?
– How do you organize your work each day?
– How do you prioritize your work each day?

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