Create a Balanced Life

Dear Coach:

Working as a Real Estate Broker has been a blessing in that I have a lot of flexibility on how I spend my time. It also is one of my biggest challenges, especially in the summer. When the weather turns warm, I find myself spending too much time playing and not enough time working. My income suffers as a result. What do think would help?

Signed, Work more, play less

Dear Work more, play less:

Self-discipline is challenging especially when the warm weather and our friends are beckoning us to take time away off work. I believe you can do both: staying focused on your business while enjoying your summer.

Here are some ideas that can help:

  1. Create and stick to a schedule. Most of us are more likely to get work done if we stick to a schedule which creates a routine. Establish specific hours and days you will work. For example, you may choose to come in early so you can leave early. You may also decide to take an extra day off during the summer, so you can enjoy 3 day weekends. The idea is not to “wing it” when it comes to your business. I would add that when a special opportunity arises, allow yourself to be spontaneous and have fun.
  2. Focus on your priorities. During the warm weather (and actually all year) know which activities are your priorities. Obviously current clients are at the top of your list. In addition, following up on leads is critical as well as maintaining your key marketing programs. Keep your priorities in front of you reviewing them daily.
  3. Use Play as a reward to doing your RE Work. When I was growing up, my mom would remind me to do my homework before going out to play. I think this advice holds true as adults. Use your fun summer activities as a reward for working on your business. Each week, identify a fun activity that you will do when you finish your work. It’s called delayed gratification.
  4. Finally, be accountable to someone other than yourself. When you are the only one who knows your commitments and schedule, it can be easy not to do, or keep, them. Accountability is a cornerstone of success.

In summary, life is all about balance. We get to decide how we spend each minute of each day. It’s always our choice. Have a productive and fun summer!