Get Out of Your Own Way by prioritizing your emotional and physical health

We can’t do our best work, no matter what work we do, if we aren’t physically and emotionally healthy.

Good health does not happen by accident. It happens by intent, planning, and action.

Having a routine helps me be consistent and not have to think about what I will be doing each morning. I have a routine and I follow it most weeks. What is your exercise routine?

How much sleep do you need each night to wake up feeling rested and refreshed?

What foods provide you the energy you need to get through the day?

How do you talk to yourself? Do you affirm yourself with positive messages?

Do you allow yourself to make mistakes, or do you need to be perfect?

Do you have a date night with your partner each week?

Do you have good balance between time at work and time at home?

Do you spend time with friends on a regular basis?

Take this assessment to examine the quality of your life.