Read what clients have to say about working with Stuart.

Being Present in Life

When I started working with Stuart, we began by creating some goals. These included being more present and patient with my family, and taking better care of myself. Stuart helped me identify small changes I could make to begin moving towards these goals. I learned that these small changes add up to big changes. I am putting the phone away more in the evenings which helps me be present and emotionally available with my kids and wife. I am communicating more with my wife and being more willing to talk about areas where our needs and desires are different. I am accepting myself more and am gaining awareness of my emotional needs. In short, I am showing up, physically and emotionally like an available adult, which is making my life significantly better.


Stuart Helped Us Communicate

My husband and I worked with Stuart for several months. We found him to be very focused and quick to surmise and analyze our situation. This helped us head in a good direction. Stuart helped us clarify our responsibilities so that we work effectively and efficiently as a team. He was very insightful, honest, and gives valuable and useful “homework” to move us forward. His follow-up was thorough and he was always rooting for our success.  Stuart helped us work on our communication style so that we work more effectively together. He has great business sense and good direction…highly recommend!

Tracy K

Stuart helped me develop my delegation and leadership skills

I recommend Stuart Kaufman to business owners who are looking to develop their management, leadership and delegation skills. Stuart was my business coach for over a year. He helped me improve my delegation and leadership skills, which provided me with more time to focus on management work and less time doing work that could be done by others. He helped me strategize and outline talking points of difficult, but needed, conversations with employees. Stuart always listened and provided feedback in a nonjudgmental and supportive manner.

A valuable habit we worked on was to develop time blocking. This helped me spend focused time with my direct reports providing them with feedback and direction. It also provided consistent time to plan and strategize. Stuart held me accountable for working on these important goals which moved me and my company forward.

Scot Eckley
Business Owner

Coaching with Stuart is a Game Changer

Coaching with Stuart is a game changer. As an independent business owner, I went from feeling alone to feeling like I had a partner right alongside me focused on helping me reach my goals. I felt he was invested in me as he would check in regularly to see how I was doing. He would even send me books to encourage me along the way. Stuart is wise and bold. He shares his insights into where you may need improvement and does it with grace while helping equip you to make needed changes. If you’re looking to advance in your career, become more focused, or organized with a plan, I highly recommend calling Stuart.

Amber B
Real Estate Broker

Gaining Clarity About Life Choices and Direction

I would like to recommend Stuart Kaufman as a business and life coach. Stuart helped me develop the skills to embrace the changes that I encountered in my life and career. He supported me in creating meaningful goals and gaining clarity about my life choices and direction.  Stuart provided sound coaching and great insights. He helped me strengthen my self-confidence and to practice being more present. Stuart is very thoughtful and deliberate in his coaching approach. I would highly recommend Stuart.

Senior Sales Executive

You helped me focus on what was important…

I would like to thank you for helping me choose the appropriate company to transfer to. When I met with you, I had six different companies that I was considering. You helped me focus on what was important to grow my practice and which company would best support my growth. With your help I chose the current company I am working for and have found the guidance and direction to build my practice. I am not sure I would have been able to make the same decision without your coaching. I would recommend your coaching for anyone who is unhappy in their current position, yet enjoys their industry and is looking for the best company to support their growth. The financial investment in your coaching was well worth it. Thank you again Stuart.

Mendel Kornfeld

Stuart helped me clarify my goals

When I met Stuart I was in a state of overwhelm, as a single, working parent I found that I spent the majority of my time focused on what was right in front of me rather than actually creating a focused and intentional path for myself.

The greatest value Stuart provided to me was his ability to listen (really listen) to my jumble of business goals and help me to clarify, prioritize and keep focused on moving forward with each area (marketing, finance, prospecting) that I was working on. His quiet, kind, supportive guidance was not only just what I needed but empowering and sustaining at the same time.   I would recommend Stuart to ANYONE for any business or personal coaching help – his knowledge and perspective were a great gift to me and I will be forever grateful to him.

Carrie Simmons
Coldwell Banker Bain

Stuart is Easy to Talk to

Stuart is knowledgeable and effective in his role as a coach. When he promises to help people “get out of their own way” and achieve sucess in business, he delivers. I started my own business about a year before working with him, and found it difficult to motivate myself with marketing and other tasks that I wouldn’t categorize as the enjoyable part of my career. Stuart helped me tremendously with organizing my time and holding myself accountable for these kinds of tasks, so that less time was spent worrying about these things on my to do list, and my days overall became more productive and enjoyable. Stuart is easy to talk to, offers great advice, and works with you on your terms – he gets a great feel for how you want your business to look, and helps you get to where you want to be. If you need more focus, more motivation, would like to be more successful, or just need help framing your business and setting goals, but aren’t sure how to achieve those things, give Stuart a try. You won’t regret it.

Lauri Webb

Cares About Seeing Us Succeed

I am consistently impressed with Stuart’s ongoing passion for our individual success. He really cares about seeing us succeed and improve so that we can reach our full potential within our real estate business. We’ve seen improvement, not only from a business stand point, but also with creating balance in our personal lives as well. As a coach, Stuart is always very prompt to our meetings, comes prepared with ideas and talking points. The best feedback we can provide is we have seen a consistent increase in our commissions every year for the last three years while Stuart has been a part of our team. Thanks for helping us succeed Stuart!

Marco and Loren Kronen
Windermere Real Estate

Wholeheartedly Recommend …

Stuart is an experienced, compassionate and competent coach for both life and business topics. Working with him has helped me set goals both personal and professional, and stay accountable for working towards those goals. I would wholeheartedly recommend Stuart’s coaching services to anyone who is looking to get focused, organized and on track.

Lauren Mikov
The Social Stage

Keeps me on Track

Stuart is an amazing coach. Most importantly, he’s a neutral advisor who provides frank and honest advice and keeps me on track. With his help, I’m evaluating my business differently, gaining new perspectives, maximizing my time and prioritizing what is important.

Dulcie Patner
Umpqua Bank

Helped Us Get Motivated and Focused

“Thank you, Stuart, for helping us get motivated and focused. Stuart helped us set short and long term goals and define the actions to reach these goals. He also helped our company become work more efficient, effective, and professional. We are experiencing a great improvement in our performance and revenues as a result of working with Stuart. We highly recommend him.”

Tiago Araujo
Suprema Cleaning

He is like a talking mirror

“Stuart’s style is effective because he encourages self-examination and self-discovery as tools. He offers perspective, but allows you to answer your own questions and correct your own misconceptions. From there, it is much easier to become more confident, productive, and excited about work and life. He is like a talking mirror.”

Darrel S
Real Estate Broker

Your questions helped direct me

“Thanks for the opportunity to have you coach me. Your questions helped direct me to new realizations and ways of viewing my situation. You helped me to explode some myths that were holding me back. The outcome was a useful result that I can put right to work right away, & already have. I’ve put a plan in place to have more, regular contact with my all important sphere of influence & to always ask for the referral business.”

Real Estate Broker

Had a Direct Impact …

“Working with Stuart provided me with a third party perspective of my business and the effectiveness of my marketing efforts. His suggestions, both simple business organizational practices and all encompassing philosophical approaches, have had a direct impact on my professional success. I look forward to continuing our professional consulting relationship as my business grows.”

Kevin B.
Real Estate Broker

I am now back on track

“When I accepted the position as Broker of the Windermere office I was unable to keep up with my habit of working out regularly and having a healthy eating plan. Stuart called and offered to help my agents with their business goals and he said he could help me get back on track with my fitness goals, too. He helped me pinpoint the habits and attitudes that constantly jeopardize my success and I am happy to say I am now back on track and getting back in shape!”

Debra S
Real Estate Broker

Help me set meaningful goals

“I would have to say that if I were to put my finger on the most important and impactful step I have taken to improve my business as a real estate agent during the past 10 years, it would have to be that I hired you as my business coach. Since doing so in October, 2002, you have helped me to better organize my business, to set meaningful goals and, step by step, to achieve them.

As a result of your input, encouragement and accountability, I have managed to raised by annual gross sales consistently into the mid-$300,000 range while working significantly fewer hours to achieve this. The key to this success, I believe, is that you have been successful in helping me to step out of my business on a regular basis with the intent of working on my business. This has helped me to focus not only on “doing things right” but on “doing the right things.” By helping me step back from my business, you have helped me identify my most productive, high-return activities and helped me make sure I spend most of my time on those activities.

Looking back now, I realize that the best return I have enjoyed since beginning my coaching with you has less to do with my business that it does with my overall quality of life. As a direct result of your coaching, I have learned, and am continuing to learn, how to focus first on my overall life objectives as a husband, father and more healthy individual, and only then upon my business as a tool to support those objectives. This is steadily helping me to evolve from being a “crisis manager” of an all-consuming business into a vastly more balanced and content person.

Consequently, Stuart, you should take this letter not only as a pat on the back for your fine coaching efforts but as a very sincere thank you for all you have done to help me better my life.”

Kent S
Real Estate Broker

Stuart has been fantastic

“Stuart has been fantastic at helping me set realistic goals and in exploring areas of difficulty that kept me from my potential in my business. In just three weeks I was more motivated, productive and confident. Thanks Stuart!”

Charles H.
Real Estate Agent

The sessions were well planned

“I appreciate the help you have given me in my efforts to improve my business as a Realtor. The sessions were well planned, thoughtful and effective in helping me to focus on my strengths and optimize my business.”

Ralph C.
Real Estate Agent

Helped unlock my true potential

“Working with Stuart was very valuable to me because it helped unlock my true potential and made my goals tangible – both of which can be difficult tasks. Stuart provided me with space and motivation to take the time and write out my goals and set achievable milestones to complete them.”

Cathy B
Real Estate Agent

Seen a Significant Increase…

“I want to thank you for having taken on the coaching of my entire staff. Your instruction (and coaching) brought to light the value of basic fundamentals that we all tend to over look that can bring about more business as well as balance in our daily lives. As a result of implementing your suggestions, I have seen a significant increase in the number of listings I have obtained not to mention buyers as well. Thank You!”

George S.
Real Estate Broker

The results are rewarding

“Stuart’s business coaching has helped me to focus on my goals and priorities and most importantly to take action. I have accomplished a great deal in just two months, both professionally and personally. I feel empowered knowing that I’m working on my long and short-term goals. I would recommend him to professionals who want to focus their time and energy on what is important. The results are rewarding.”

Janet H.
Managing Broker

Encouraged me to reach higher!

“Stuart helped me to realize my goals in 2004. Then, he encouraged me to reach higher! With one year of Stuart’s coaching, my income increased by 50%. Stuart helped me to stay focused and he inspired me to plan and perform. With his guidance, in 2005, I intend to double my income and I know he will help me to continue to strive to be the best I can be. Hats off to you Stuart! Thanks for your help.”

Michele L.
Residential Sales Specialist

Exactly where I want to be

“I would like to thank you for helping me to change my business from just okay, to exactly where I want to be and beyond. Since we began our coaching sessions, I have been able to make a six -figure income and not work anymore than I was working before. A huge accomplishment for me was scheduling my day off every week, and actually taking the day off. Also, I no longer feel stressed about where my next client is coming from. I know where they are coming from, because I call and meet with my Sphere regularly. Thank you again, Stuart, for all your help.”

Debi F.
Residential & Investment Specialist

My life feels full and abundant

“I have worked with Stuart Kaufman for the last year and a half. I started working with Stuart because I felt like I wasn’t doing my best in my business or personal life. I was battling weight issues, was still grieving through my divorce, and felt like I wasn’t “on top” or “in charge” of my business. I am a great planner, but not so great about consistency in my commitment to follow through on my plan. I thought I was just lazy. In truth, I needed an accountability coach in the worst possible way.

Stuart helped me ‘push forward’ in so many areas of my life. I became proactive about my work, tackling baby steps that I had set for myself every week until I was able to look back and be amazed at my progress. I was able to set up great working systems, and to organize and prioritize in every area of my life. I’ve lost over 30 pounds, and am in the best shape of my life. I have a great balance of work and giving and playing time. My circle of friendships is larger and deeper than it has ever been ~ my life is overflowing with great relationships and great purpose.

Prior to working with Stuart, I was disappointed in myself and my use of my time and resources. Now my life feels full and abundant ~ I’m really happy with how I’m investing my life now.”

Rhonda Morton
Real Estate Agent

He helped put my business in gear!

“I started with Stuart Kaufman one year after I started my real estate career. I chose to do so because in my first year I only sold 1 house!! Almost immediately after he coached me on my sales method and held me accountable, the sales started to stack up! I have now closed 7 homes in the year and still have two months to go! When I started with Stuart I was working part-time at a department store to help pay the bills. I now sell real estate full time and I have surpassed my yearly goal in take home pay. Just meeting with him once a week for an hour meeting gave me the tools and advice to help jumpstart my career. I now utilize all of Stuart’s techniques and have built a profitable business and finally feel comfortable with my real estate career.
I recommend his services to not only new agents but also anyone who is not 100% satisfied with their career. And lets face it, who is honestly ever 100% satisfied with their career? I have now been working with him for 10 months and I can honestly call him a mentor and a friend. He has helped push me in ways I feel uncomfortable and challenged me to try new things. He has helped me not only with my real estate business but has helped me track my own personal monthly spending and in turn has increased my cash flow. As he puts it, he helped me ‘put my business in gear!’ “

Casey Willoughby
Real Estate Broker

An Excellent Value

“I worked with Stuart for one year. In that time he provided me with a multitude of growth experiences. One of the biggest changes, Stuart has helped me with, is speaking and writing more concisely. I used to provide too much information and would talk too much. Stuart recognized this and coached me to be brief and follow the rule that “less is more.” Stuart provided a copy of Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog” which was full of great tips on how to be more focused on my business. One helpful lesson I implemented was to prepare for each day, the night before. Our ongoing meetings helped me stay focused, get feedback and make progress with my lead generation activities. As a result I have become more courageous in facing my fears. An example is being OK with (not afraid of) making mistakes and not needing to be perfect. I had difficult conversations with Stuart that he initiated. He encouraged me to talk about and consider topics that I really wanted to avoid. Stuart’s style is supportive and nurturing which worked well for me. The coaching Stuart provided was an excellent value and investment in my business and life. I highly recommend Stuart!”

Chuck Sparks

Willing to Hold Me Accountable

“Stuart Kaufman was there for me, my business, and my life when I really needed him. Willing to hold me accountable to what was going to get me the greatest results, his coaching of me always returned to the most income producing actions and results. Bringing what was needed in each moment, he brought his passion, his patience, his determination, his heart and his humor. If you are looking for a coach that will coach you to get business results and to have the life you want and how that relates to business, I can’t recommend Stuart enough. Thank you Stuart!”

Casey Muldoon
Real Estate Broker

I have gotten back on course

“Thank you, Stuart, for your coaching services over the past several months. With your help, I’ve been able to regain a handle on many aspects of my business including scheduling, client communication, and follow-up. In addition you have helped me discover my courage and self-worth. I am now able to recognize, evaluate, and understand the relationships in my personal life and how they affected me mentally and physically, and how that related to me accomplishing my personal and business goals. I have appreciated your help, insight, and advise. Above all, I appreciate your patience as I have gotten back on course.”

Jeff Parker
Managing Broker

Stuart does an amazing job

“Stuart does an amazing job. He connects easily and helps you focus on the correct activities. Tom Landry said it best: ‘the job of a good coach is to get you to do the things you do not want to do in order to be the person you want to be’… That’s Stuart.”

Pat Grimm

Stuart has opened my flood gates

“I wanted to say that my work with Stuart has opened my flood gates. Just asking a few key questions, and the request to answer them, has helped me to move forward and become unstuck. Several months ago I found myself dissatisfied and unsure of my direction. A midlife crisis for sure. But with Stuart’s help, his great wisdom and determination for success I was able to gain my footing again. The changes I’ve made were simple but profound, I am enjoying my personal and professional life much more and that is all I was asking for. Thanks Stuart.”

Alan Y.
Medical Office Manager

He supported me

“I am very satisfied and thankful for the experience of working with Stuart in this capacity. I grew a tremendous amount. Stuart helped me focus on developing my time management, communication and delegation skills. He supported me in developing a process that I use to hold my staff accountable for projects they are assigned. Stuart also helped me move out of my comfort zone, and he created a space where it was safe to “try on” new ideas. I feel more confident managing my staff as a result of working with Stuart.”

Rick B.
Hospital Manager

Creatively Deal with Barriers …

“I found working with Stuart helpful to clarify what I really wanted. He thoughtfully helped me determine the steps to get there, and most importantly, creatively deal with whatever barriers had stopped me before, and take that first critical step.”

Celeste E.
Hospital Services Manager

Developed a Meaningful Action Plan

“I recently had the good fortune to use Stuart’s services which immediately paid for itself. Not only did he help me crystallize my thoughts but he also enabled me to develop a meaningful action plan to get the results I desire. Thanks again, Stuart.”

Ralph K.
Project Manager and Author

Stuart has been instrumental…

“Stuart has been instrumental in the forward progress of my business. We’ve worked together on developing my goals, and have analyzed what things are holding me back. He helps keep me focused on these goals rather than using a “problem solving” approach. This perspective has been very valuable to me; it is energizing and it helps me feel creative and empowered. I don’t so much ask Stuart for solutions to my problems, rather, he helps me originate my own strategies to keep moving along on the road of success.”

Jory K.
Small Business Owner 

Learning and Growth Style of Coaching…

“Having someone from the outside look at your situation is fantastic.  Stuart is able to objectively provide you with coaching that ensures that “you” are able to make the best of all situations.  Learning and growing is all part of his style of coaching.”

Tonya E.
Administrative Manager

…extraordinarily good results

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding job you have done in coaching me. I approached you several months ago to explore whether I should hire you to assist me in multiplying the success of my business – trading stocks from my office at home. If I had only known how successful your coaching would turn out to be, I would have hired you three years ago when I started.

I have seen extraordinarily good results in my work since you started coaching me, approximately 50% more income than I would have had without the coaching, by my best estimate. Two aspects of what we have done together were the keys to my success.

First, you took me through a structured and professional review of my goals and objectives for my business activities. Before we started working together, I was dissipating too much energy worrying if I was in the right business, and wondering how to figure out if I should be doing something else. We quickly addressed that issue, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to focus on my work.

Second, we worked together to identify what I could do that would have the greatest impact in producing successful results. We honed in on one area that has made a great difference in my monthly income: a structured nightly planning session for the next day’s work. In two and a half years in this business, I had done that only a handful of times, because of lack of focus and a desire to “do more research” every night, instead of pulling my research together in a focused way. What I have found is that taking the time at the end of each day to prepare a brief formal, written plan for the next day is the best thing that I can do to improve my results. Your assistance in developing this insight and in building up the self-discipline to stick with it has been wonderful.

My current plan is to continue with the coaching, for one simple reason. It works.

Thanks, Stuart, for being so good at what you do.”

Steve F.
Stock Trader

Thank you Stuart for being a great coach!

“Let me just start off by saying that my coach and the SuccessTracs coaching program have made a huge difference in my life. My coach, Stuart Kaufman, has guided me to success in many areas of my life. When I started the SuccessTracs coaching program I had a goal of transitioning to a career that was more fulfilling and that would allow me to make money doing something that I love. With Stuart’s patience and commitment to my goals, I am successfully designing a career that utilizes my natural talents and desires. My coach helped me outline a vision for my ideal career, create a career transition action plan and track progress towards my career transition goals.

With the help of Stuart, I was also able to gain the courage to solicit feedback from friends, family and peers to gain insight into my natural talents and strengths. This process was very helpful because I gained valuable insight on strengths that I was not aware that I had while gaining clarity and confirmation on other strengths that I knew I possessed. As a result of this process I have identified three distinct career fields that intrigue me based on my skills, talents and interests and I am gaining tremendous insight by performing exploration interviews with people in these areas. I have completed over 20 of these interviews and will be narrowing my focus to one specific career area within the next two weeks.

I am so excited to be on this path. This process has been possible because of Stuart’s ability to keep me focused on my personal and professional objectives. He has helped me to understand that whatever outcome happens is the right one for me and to not be attached to any specific outcome. This has given me a tremendous amount of peace and clarity.

As a result of coaching and using the Tracker I have also achieved results in many other areas of my life. I recently started meditating every morning which has given me a tremendous burst of energy and focus in my life. I am also more focused on my health and exercise habits and I have run five 5K races and one 10K race since starting my SuccessTracs coaching. I had never run a race prior to this.

I have improved my relationships with my wife, family and friends by being more open and honest with them and I have gained many new and empowering friends as a result.

I am also moving closer to my financial goals by working with my coach to create an investment education plan. I study something from this plan a minimum of 30 minutes a day and I have doubled my passive income through real estate to $660 per month. This is an extra $4,000 per year that I am going to put to use creating even more passive income. I have also improved my investment returns in other areas as a result of my commitment to learning a little bit more each day.

Stuart has helped me to identify specific desired outcomes, realize a purpose and develop a plan of action to create an amazing life and career. Our coaching sessions are always targeted to my specific needs and have a clear purpose and outcome. I am very excited about the results that I have been able to achieve after just a few months of working with my coach and the SuccessTracs program. Thank you Stuart for being a great coach!”

Mike K.
Career Seeker

His approach is thoughtful…

“Stuart’s guidance and insight really helped me determine my priorities and create an action plan for success. He has the ability to effectively reflect my issues back to me in ways that make them much more clear, so that in the end, I am able to answer many of my own questions. His approach is thoughtful, supportive, non-intimidating, and conducive to growth. Thanks Stuart!”

Alex S.
Professional Musician

…my attitude and confidence is renewed

“I met Stuart in 2004 and scheduled a visit aiming to improve how I run my practice. In a short span Stuart helped me identify things that were impediments to achieving the level of success I aim for, particularly negative behaviors I unwittingly allowed to become habits. As a result, my goals are clearer, my attitude and confidence is renewed, and I am grateful for his sage counsel.”

Christopher A.
Financial Advisor

It has been a valuable experience

“Stuart helped me sort through the mush and get right down to brass tacks.He has an easy going way that leads one to directly hone in on what is important and to work with a person to arrive at solutions and options. It is fun and informative having Stuart as a personal coach. He is very knowledgeable and cuts to the chase.  I have definitely benefited from having Stuart coach me. It has been a valuable experience.”

Larry O.
Project Manager

Stuart really helps me stay focused

“Since I began my coaching sessions with Stuart, I’ve been consistently moving forward. More importantly, I’m moving towards the goals that are most important to me. I tend to be a bit of an overachiever, and I love variety, so I get my hands and brain into lots of different things. Stuart really helps me stay focused. In his gentle, firm, insightful way, he helps guide me toward the goals that really feel right to me. We sometimes change our focus and make adjustments, but only in response to feedback from myself that Stuart has helped elicit, and which I often didn’t listen to until he helped me find it! It’s obvious that he loves working with people, and his passion for self-improvement, a strong family, ever-deepening spirituality, and an exceptional life makes every session a joy. Thanks, Stuart!”

Bill R.
Marketing Director, Musician, Real Estate Investor

…an adventure in self-discovery

“Thank you for being such a good PROVOCATIVE LISTENER. You asked me just the right questions at just the right moments – and you drew me out and got me talking and saying things I didn’t even know I was thinking. I must say that just talking to you became an adventure in self-discovery. Many thanks.”

Lorraine G
E-Commerce Consultant and Webmaster

I kept at it thanks to you

“Thank you so much for this last year of coaching. Thanks to you I now have the job of my dreams, finally, at age 59! At the close of our year together, I was offered the position of President of the Foundation for Free Enterprise. This, after one year of struggling to deal with trying to make a living at things that I was only marginally interested in. You kept me in touch with who I was, who I wanted to be and how I wanted to live my life. I kept at it thanks to you.”

Stuart B.
Nonprofit Executive

My finances have improved significantly…

“I am a clinical psychologist who has worked with Stuart for several years. During this time, Stuart has helped me focus on my priorities and keep me accountable for moving my practice forward. This year has been a year of substantial growth and development. My finances have improved significantly. I feel more in control of my practice and confident about my future. I have been able to take several vacations which have helped me feel recharged. I appreciate Stuart’s continued guidance and support in helping me stay on track and focused.”

Corey B., Ph D
Clinical Psychologist

He has a deft touch…

“Stuart helped me to stay focused on the critical tasks for building my business, maintain discipline through my day, and keep up my motivation and confidence. The work we did together was always grounded in my goals and framed in my own words. Stuart kept the focus on me with a heavy emphasis toward action. He has a deft touch; he knows when to challenge, and is always supportive.”

Matthew Siegel
Financial Planner

I value you as my mentor

“Just a little note to you to say thanks for your support and guidance these past six months. I have been feeling much more confident in myself and in my abilities and have grown as a father, employer, and friend. I value you as my mentor and as a friend in life. I have seen much progress in my attitudes in how view things in both my professional and personal life. As a team, I am excited about what our future brings.”

Warren M.
Business Owner

I am more comfortable being me…

“When Stuart was first recommended to me, the idea of ‘coaching’ was a foreign concept. I assumed that I could think things through myself. After working with Stuart for just a couple of weeks it was clear that I was missing a lot of opportunities to structure my life and get more out of each minute. Stuart’s experience, insight and well-placed suggestions have made, and continue to make, a positive difference in my life. I am more comfortable being ‘me’ and focus on having more time to myself. I worry much less about pleasing others. This has improved my close relationships and provided a much-needed balance.”

Michael P.
IT Programmer

I highly recommend Stuart’s services…

“Stuart is smart, thoughtful, engaging and fun to work with. He gave my battery dead job search a much needed jump-start. I was struggling with anxiety and uncertainty over the process. Stuart listened to me. He asked clarifying questions and helped me find space to start moving again. My daily activity reports are easy to compile, give me a sense of accomplishment and keep me accountable. And each day, Stuart checks my progress and provides kudos when it’s appropriate or probes to help me understand where I can improve. Stuart possesses great wisdom, tact, experience and a large collection of tools and tips to help me focus, grow and succeed. Working with Stuart has energized my job search. I’m embracing the challenge and looking forward to new opportunities. I highly recommend Stuart’s services.”

Phil McCoy
Creative Director

You really helped me over the hump

“Dear Stuart: We have not touched base for a while, and I wanted to share my good news with you. This year after transitioning to a new office, I reached my goal for fee receipts ahead of schedule. I also generated about $75,000 in fees for other employees. I expect to be offered an ownership position this month.

I credit much of my success, during this important transition year, to the plans we made (and of course, my determination to stick with these). You really helped me over the hump of this move and I will always be grateful.”

Brenda G.

I ask myself, “What would Stuart say?”

I recently worked with Stuart Kaufman as a business coach.  I gained a lot from my time with Stuart and would recommend his services to anyone looking to take their business and personal life to the next level.

At my Real Estate office, Stuart helped me focus on being present and calm. An example is when one of my brokers wanted to leave, and join a different office. By being calm, present, and curious about his situation, the broker decided to stay with my office. When I am in difficult situations, I ask myself, “What would Stuart say?” As a result, I respond instead of react. I stay calm and present so conversations go much better.

I am now doing a more consistent job of prospecting. I have more confidence calling brokers, thanks to the scripts Stuart helped me create. I now track my calls and conversations with prospective brokers.

Stuart helped me stabilize my relationship with my wife. This was an unintended benefit. This helped reduce my anxiety and create better balance in my life. I planned ahead by having important discussions about tax season, so it would not be stressful. I was, and continue to be, supportive during challenging times. Most importantly, I show up as a full partner, and am calm which has eliminated drama.

Finally, I am now less distracted with social media. When I do get distracted, I am quick to recognize it and get back to the work that I am focusing on.

Fritz Nichols