An Excellent Value

“I worked with Stuart for one year. In that time he provided me with a multitude of growth experiences. One of the biggest changes, Stuart has helped me with, is speaking and writing more concisely. I used to provide too much information and would talk too much. Stuart recognized this and coached me to be brief and follow the rule that “less is more.” Stuart provided a copy of Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog” which was full of great tips on how to be more focused on my business. One helpful lesson I implemented was to prepare for each day, the night before. Our ongoing meetings helped me stay focused, get feedback and make progress with my lead generation activities. As a result I have become more courageous in facing my fears. An example is being OK with (not afraid of) making mistakes and not needing to be perfect. I had difficult conversations with Stuart that he initiated. He encouraged me to talk about and consider topics that I really wanted to avoid. Stuart’s style is supportive and nurturing which worked well for me. The coaching Stuart provided was an excellent value and investment in my business and life. I highly recommend Stuart!”