…extraordinarily good results

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding job you have done in coaching me. I approached you several months ago to explore whether I should hire you to assist me in multiplying the success of my business – trading stocks from my office at home. If I had only known how successful your coaching would turn out to be, I would have hired you three years ago when I started.

I have seen extraordinarily good results in my work since you started coaching me, approximately 50% more income than I would have had without the coaching, by my best estimate. Two aspects of what we have done together were the keys to my success.

First, you took me through a structured and professional review of my goals and objectives for my business activities. Before we started working together, I was dissipating too much energy worrying if I was in the right business, and wondering how to figure out if I should be doing something else. We quickly addressed that issue, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to focus on my work.

Second, we worked together to identify what I could do that would have the greatest impact in producing successful results. We honed in on one area that has made a great difference in my monthly income: a structured nightly planning session for the next day’s work. In two and a half years in this business, I had done that only a handful of times, because of lack of focus and a desire to “do more research” every night, instead of pulling my research together in a focused way. What I have found is that taking the time at the end of each day to prepare a brief formal, written plan for the next day is the best thing that I can do to improve my results. Your assistance in developing this insight and in building up the self-discipline to stick with it has been wonderful.

My current plan is to continue with the coaching, for one simple reason. It works.

Thanks, Stuart, for being so good at what you do.”