Help me set meaningful goals

“I would have to say that if I were to put my finger on the most important and impactful step I have taken to improve my business as a real estate agent during the past 10 years, it would have to be that I hired you as my business coach. Since doing so in October, 2002, you have helped me to better organize my business, to set meaningful goals and, step by step, to achieve them.

As a result of your input, encouragement and accountability, I have managed to raised by annual gross sales consistently into the mid-$300,000 range while working significantly fewer hours to achieve this. The key to this success, I believe, is that you have been successful in helping me to step out of my business on a regular basis with the intent of working on my business. This has helped me to focus not only on “doing things right” but on “doing the right things.” By helping me step back from my business, you have helped me identify my most productive, high-return activities and helped me make sure I spend most of my time on those activities.

Looking back now, I realize that the best return I have enjoyed since beginning my coaching with you has less to do with my business that it does with my overall quality of life. As a direct result of your coaching, I have learned, and am continuing to learn, how to focus first on my overall life objectives as a husband, father and more healthy individual, and only then upon my business as a tool to support those objectives. This is steadily helping me to evolve from being a “crisis manager” of an all-consuming business into a vastly more balanced and content person.

Consequently, Stuart, you should take this letter not only as a pat on the back for your fine coaching efforts but as a very sincere thank you for all you have done to help me better my life.”