I ask myself, “What would Stuart say?”

I recently worked with Stuart Kaufman as a business coach.  I gained a lot from my time with Stuart and would recommend his services to anyone looking to take their business and personal life to the next level.

At my Real Estate office, Stuart helped me focus on being present and calm. An example is when one of my brokers wanted to leave, and join a different office. By being calm, present, and curious about his situation, the broker decided to stay with my office. When I am in difficult situations, I ask myself, “What would Stuart say?” As a result, I respond instead of react. I stay calm and present so conversations go much better.

I am now doing a more consistent job of prospecting. I have more confidence calling brokers, thanks to the scripts Stuart helped me create. I now track my calls and conversations with prospective brokers.

Stuart helped me stabilize my relationship with my wife. This was an unintended benefit. This helped reduce my anxiety and create better balance in my life. I planned ahead by having important discussions about tax season, so it would not be stressful. I was, and continue to be, supportive during challenging times. Most importantly, I show up as a full partner, and am calm which has eliminated drama.

Finally, I am now less distracted with social media. When I do get distracted, I am quick to recognize it and get back to the work that I am focusing on.