Thank you Stuart for being a great coach!

“Let me just start off by saying that my coach and the SuccessTracs coaching program have made a huge difference in my life. My coach, Stuart Kaufman, has guided me to success in many areas of my life. When I started the SuccessTracs coaching program I had a goal of transitioning to a career that was more fulfilling and that would allow me to make money doing something that I love. With Stuart’s patience and commitment to my goals, I am successfully designing a career that utilizes my natural talents and desires. My coach helped me outline a vision for my ideal career, create a career transition action plan and track progress towards my career transition goals.

With the help of Stuart, I was also able to gain the courage to solicit feedback from friends, family and peers to gain insight into my natural talents and strengths. This process was very helpful because I gained valuable insight on strengths that I was not aware that I had while gaining clarity and confirmation on other strengths that I knew I possessed. As a result of this process I have identified three distinct career fields that intrigue me based on my skills, talents and interests and I am gaining tremendous insight by performing exploration interviews with people in these areas. I have completed over 20 of these interviews and will be narrowing my focus to one specific career area within the next two weeks.

I am so excited to be on this path. This process has been possible because of Stuart’s ability to keep me focused on my personal and professional objectives. He has helped me to understand that whatever outcome happens is the right one for me and to not be attached to any specific outcome. This has given me a tremendous amount of peace and clarity.

As a result of coaching and using the Tracker I have also achieved results in many other areas of my life. I recently started meditating every morning which has given me a tremendous burst of energy and focus in my life. I am also more focused on my health and exercise habits and I have run five 5K races and one 10K race since starting my SuccessTracs coaching. I had never run a race prior to this.

I have improved my relationships with my wife, family and friends by being more open and honest with them and I have gained many new and empowering friends as a result.

I am also moving closer to my financial goals by working with my coach to create an investment education plan. I study something from this plan a minimum of 30 minutes a day and I have doubled my passive income through real estate to $660 per month. This is an extra $4,000 per year that I am going to put to use creating even more passive income. I have also improved my investment returns in other areas as a result of my commitment to learning a little bit more each day.

Stuart has helped me to identify specific desired outcomes, realize a purpose and develop a plan of action to create an amazing life and career. Our coaching sessions are always targeted to my specific needs and have a clear purpose and outcome. I am very excited about the results that I have been able to achieve after just a few months of working with my coach and the SuccessTracs program. Thank you Stuart for being a great coach!”