Q. Dear Coach:

“How can I better organize and keep track of my marketing activities so that I implement them more consistently?”

Signed, Inconsistently Yours

A. Dear Inconsistently Yours:

Great Question! An easy way is to develop a monthly marketing calendar . With a marketing calendar, you will know what marketing activities need to be done, by whom, and by when. So what should you include on your marketing calendar?

• Include important dates for creating and sending out your mailers

• What networking events you would like to attend

• Include client lunches and what you want to talk about

• Deadlines for placing ads

• Daily client contacts

Post your marketing calendar in your office and other places you are likely to see it. One client puts her marketing calendar in a clear Lucite stand that she puts on her desk where she is sure to see it. A further upgrade is to put all your marketing activities in your Palm Pilot or Daily Scheduler. So, plan your work (with your monthly marketing calendar) and work your plan!