Create More Balance in Your Life

Dear Coach:

“I am a busy realtor who works long hours. With the market being what it is, I also work most weekends with little time for myself or family. What are some ideas about how to create more balance in my life?”

Signed, Too Busy

Dear Too Busy:

I talked to several busy brokers to get their tips on how to create life balance and a healthier lifestyle. Here is what they shared, along with some ideas of my own.

The most frequent suggestion is to be sure to schedule personal activities and vacations in your calendar. If an event is not in your calendar, it likely doesn’t exist. This is a basic, and important, organizational skill. Writing things in your calendar will help you create healthy routines and new habits. Examples of personal activities to put in your calendar include: daily exercise, lunch with friends, dinner with family, date nights, bedtime, theatre events, and vacations.

Arrange to have a trusted colleague manage your business so you can take guilt free weekends and vacations. It’s not a vacation if you are trying to manage the details of your transactions while at the French Riviera. You may consider hiring a transaction coordinator or a part time admin assistant so you can have more time off.

Learn to say NO. One reason we are so overbooked is we have a hard time setting limits and boundaries with people, including our clients. We can respectfully say NO to requests that put us out of balance. One suggested boundary is to create this outgoing message “If you have reached me after 7 pm, I will return your call the following morning.” Trust that if you say NO, your client won’t disappear. IN fact, your clients will respect you for having, and enforcing, healthy boundaries.

Communicate how you work, including how you take personal time, to your clients. Your clients can’t read your mind. When you respectfully state your boundaries at the beginning of your relationship, clients will likely respect them. If you are sending emails to your clients at 10 pm or calling them on your day off, don’t be surprised if they expect you to be available at these times. Respect your own boundaries.

Take care of your physical and emotional condition because nobody else will. You can’t show up as your best self each day if you are physically tired or emotionally limited. Integrate these healthy emotionally intelligent practices into your daily routine.
Daily exercise is energizing and provides endurance during long days.

Plenty of sleep so you feel fully awake in the morning.

Healthy diet that helps you maintain your desired weight.

Think positive, empowering thoughts to stay in a confident mindset each day.

Spend time with friends and family. The best gift you can give your family is spending time together.

Take time off to re-energize and recharge. This includes at least one day off each week.
As one broker put it: the rewards of living a healthy and balanced life is calmness of mind, being centered and present, not getting burned out at work, and overall being happy and grateful.