How to Take a Guilt-Free Vacation

Dear Coach:

“I am going on a vacation and want to enjoy myself without worrying about the active transactions I am leaving behind. In the past, I have attempted to manage these while on vacation, however my partner gets annoyed with me when I am working on a deal from an internet cafe in Cabo San Lucas. I also feel like I am cheating myself of a well- deserved vacation since I am thinking of my business instead of being present for my partner and myself. What do you suggest?”

Signed Need to Let Go

Dear Need to Let Go:

It sounds like you would like to create a guilt-free vacation. This is a great goal and you deserve to fully enjoy yourself. Life’s too short to spend money and time on a great vacation and be worried and distracted.

Here are some basic guidelines that will help you enjoy yourself:

1. Plan your vacation during slow business months.

December and January are these months for most brokers
2. Hand your business off to a trusted associate.

TRUST your associate to make good decisions and take appropriate actions. If you can’t do this, then select someone else.
Work out a mutually beneficial financial arrangement. Either a percentage of commission or an hourly fee. Or, better yet, agree to reciprocate when they go on vacation.
Provide all the info needed for your active transactions before you leave.
On your outgoing voice message, ask people to contact your trusted associate during the dates you are away.
Provide your trusted associate with your phone or email so if an emergency arises, you can be contacted. Clarify and agree on what an emergency situation looks like.
Ask them NOT to copy you on business correspondence while you are on vacation.
3. Notify your clients in advance.

Notify your clients by email, at least 2 weeks before leaving.
Copy your trusted associate (who is filling in for you) so they can send a note back to your clients assuring them that they will take great care of them. Include your trusted associate’s contact information.
4. While on vacation:

Don’t constantly check your email and voice messages.
Have fun, be present, and relax!

Use can use these guidelines as a checklist the next time you plan your guilt-free vacation.