When Grown Men Don’t Act Their Age






Unfortunately, men don’t always act their age.

Here are some examples:

  • They get defensive when given feedback they don’t like
  • They disappear or go silent when given feedback they don’t like
  • They don’t admit they are wrong, when they clearly are
  • They don’t apologize when they are clearly wrong
  • They don’t take responsibility for their words and actions
  • They tell others (especially partners) what they are doing wrong and need to “fix” them
  • They need to always be right, which leads to arguments
  • They need to be perfect and avoid making any mistakes
  • They give unsolicited advice which is annoying

These behaviors are more typical of teenagers. The sad part is that most men are clueless that they are acting like this, simply because they don’t know any other way of acting.

Motivation to change usually comes from a partner who is no longer willing to put up with a grown man who acts like a teenager.

There is hope for men who act this way. The “Guys Showing Up” program is designed to help grown men learn to act like grown men. Click this link to learn more.